“Healthy” Takes on New Meaning

Just when you thought you were eating healthy foods, the meaning is about to change! Considering the official definition hasn’t been updated in 22 years, we can’t help but wonder: What took so long? Last year, KIND Snacks received a warning letter from the FDA requesting the removal of the term “ healthy ” from … Continue reading ““Healthy” Takes on New Meaning”

3 Tools to Help Navigate Contract Manufacturing Challenges

The dynamic nature of the contract manufacturing business has the potential to create chaos on the production floor. When customer forecasts and order volumes shift daily, managers are challenged with juggling production schedules and controlling inventory. Though they may share industry focuses with other pharmaceutical, food, or chemical manufacturers, to name a few, running a … Continue reading “3 Tools to Help Navigate Contract Manufacturing Challenges”

Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

Happy #MfgDay16! Today is National Manufacturing Day – a day to not only celebrate American manufacturers, but also advance the public’s perception of modern manufacturing. American manufacturing businesses are incorporating technology in more innovative ways than ever before. Production floors host a variety of robots, automated machinery, and ample screen technologies, contradicting the traditional perception of … Continue reading “Celebrating National Manufacturing Day”

Artisan Spotlight: Chris Conroy, Senior Solutions Architect

The votes are in and the bobblehead has been completed. Nominated by their fellow Deacom artisans, September’s Artisan of the month is… Chris Conroy, Senior Solutions Architect! Since joining the team nearly 10 years ago, Chris has played a significant role in helping Deacom get to where we are today. Each day he continues to make … Continue reading “Artisan Spotlight: Chris Conroy, Senior Solutions Architect”

Coming Soon: Artisans at Work

We always get asked: “What is it like to work at Deacom?” Well, you’re about to find out in our upcoming Artisans at Work video series. Last week some Deacom Artisans stepped in the spotlight to share what it is like to work at Deacom. These videos are currently in production and will be featured on our brand … Continue reading “Coming Soon: Artisans at Work”

3 Reasons You’re Failing Your CRM

You have a CRM system in place. The database is full of prospects. Sales notes are entered when needed. Weekly reports are generated. Thats all that matters, right? WRONG! A CRM is no small investment so businesses should maximize its value. The challenge is that what they think they are doing right, may actually be what is hindering … Continue reading “3 Reasons You’re Failing Your CRM”

What’s New: DEACOM Mobile

“No matter the industry, mobile is continuing to drive efficiencies within business, and we’re seeing the adoption rate continue to grow in the process manufacturing segment,” said Scott Deakins, COO of Deacom, Inc. In a world where instant gratification and the need to always be “connected” is so prominent in personal life, it should be … Continue reading “What’s New: DEACOM Mobile”

What is MRP?

MRP – You hear it on the production floor, in management offices, and thrown around in conversations throughout the building, but do you truly understand what it is? No matter your department or level, every employee of a manufacturing company should understand what Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is and how it impacts the bottom line. … Continue reading “What is MRP?”

How America’s Oldest Brewery Is Taking Over the Country

Ale, IPA, stout, wit, pilsner, saison, sour, and lager. Most of you know by now I’m talking about one of America’s favorite beverages: Beer! While many of us just revel in the flavor of our favorite pint, we don’t often think about the business behind getting that beer in our hands. If you’re a fellow … Continue reading “How America’s Oldest Brewery Is Taking Over the Country”

Artisan Spotlight: Denise Mruskovic, Lead Data Conversion Specialist

Last month, we introduced a new blog series called the “Artisan Spotlight” which introduces the newest Artisan of the Month. Nominated by their Deacom peers, these professionals are successfully making a difference in not just Deacom’s business, but also our customers. Last month, we introduced a new blog series called the “Artisan Spotlight” which introduces … Continue reading “Artisan Spotlight: Denise Mruskovic, Lead Data Conversion Specialist”