New Deacom Foundation Formed to Fuel Employee Passions

Deacom has always prided itself on having a strong work-life balance and continues to be regularly impressed by what our Artisan team members accomplish outside of the workplace. We have marathon runners, inspiring artists, award-winning brewers, authors, and the list goes on.  What has affected us the most is our Artisans’ passion for giving back to their community.

The more we continue to learn about their involvement in charitable organizations, the more the company wants to become involved. This is what sparked the creation of the Deacom Foundation!

“The purpose of the Deacom Foundation is to leverage the passion and creativity of our team members. If they are willing to spend their time on something, Deacom is willing to provide funding to help them do it.”

– Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom

The program kicked off in January 2018 when Artisans could begin submitting requests for charitable donations made to nonprofit organizations. What makes the Deacom Foundation unique is that the donation must be made to an organization that the Artisan is actively involved in, rather than an organization that they simply give money to.

We want to focus on the individuals who dedicate their free time to these nonprofit organizations. “We are excited about this new initiative and look forward to seeing the impact it will help our employees make on the organizations they are involved in,” continued Deakins.

The Deacom Foundation is proud to support Artisans that have a passion and dedication for helping others. Our goal is to accelerate the work that they are doing by contributing funds at all levels!