Last Day to Save Up to $300 for Deacom’s User Conference

There are still a few hours left to take advantage of DEACOM DISCOVER Early Bird rates and save up to $300 per registration.

As we look at where the attendee list stands today, we are hitting record high registrations and seeing some interesting new trends like larger company representation and a strong balance of user experience levels.

Larger Teams: Companies are sending larger teams covering all areas of the business. This includes representatives from production, accounting, warehousing, IT, R&D, customer service, inventory, logistics, and C-Level executives. This strategy ensures that not only are more sessions attended by the most relevant personnel but that the company is able to bring back more actionable items from the conference.

More Diverse Experience Levels: Traditionally, a majority of DEACOM DISCOVER attendees consisted of those who are currently in the implementation phase. This year, however, we are seeing a more even split between veteran and novice DEACOM users. This mix is sure to fuel more insightful conversations between members of the Deacom community.

These trends coupled with the introduction of success-focused sessions and Deacom’s TechLab, is sure to make this year’s conference the best one yet!

Deacom’s Early Bird promotion will expire tonight at 11:59pm EST so make sure you don’t miss your chance to save up to $300.

Register now!

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